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Curate Your ‘Self’

I’ve written about curation before in The Web We Weave – Curation in Action and Curation – a call to action – I’ll return to these blog posts, as suggested by Alan Levine in Blog Posts As Old Concrete Slabs or Alive in the Cracks In Between?, … Continue reading

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Collaborations in Ontario Extend

How do I explain this Ontario Extend – Extend East collaboration? I’m going to try since this week’s module is about collaboration. It’s like a club, but there’s no physical clubhouse, and everyone’s welcome to join in! It’s a group … Continue reading

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Extending into the Open #oextend

Getting started with Ontario Extend is one way to extend my thinking and extend my engagement into digital spaces that are new and interesting. Contributions to the Daily Extend, into the collection of resources in the Activity Bank and capturing … Continue reading

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