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An ‘inuksuk’ moment – listen deeply

I’m sharing this inuksuk for those who may find it. It holds meaning and importance. It is created from my own experiences and a moment in time that has importance for me. On the Canadian landscape there are many of these … Continue reading

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Conversations build Connections

Sometimes it’s tough to travel. You just can’t get to meet people, have conversations, join together to play with new tools or even just hangout to talk. Teachers need this time more than anyone. Sharing ideas, tips, tricks, resources, and … Continue reading

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It’s only human!

Can’t help it – it’s only human. I am honoured and feel humbled when being commended for work I’ve done. Sharing my thoughts in digital spaces has resulted in many opportunities to feel gratitude and gratified for those who take … Continue reading

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The Expert Within

Roles for educators are changing. There’s no doubt about that. The shifts are dramatic and many teachers, professors, instructors, course developers or content providers find it hard to find their way or share their voice. If you don’t understand your … Continue reading

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Evidence for ‘expert’ teaching

Reflecting is a key element of learning. Asking a question, constructing an answer, putting your response ‘out there’ for others to review, then taking it all and reflecting on the process and product – that’s the crux of learning. When I … Continue reading

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Am I an Expert?

It was an epiphany moment! It was a question I didn’t know how to answer! It revealed my inner uncertainties! Really, am I an expert? Can any teacher claim to be an expert? Expert, by definition is “having or showing … Continue reading

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