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Out of my comfort zone!

It’s unsettling. It’s got me wondering what I’m doing and how I get myself into these things. I’ve been pushed and pulled into new and interesting spaces. I’ve been encouraged to share and talk in places and spaces that are new to me. … Continue reading

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It’s a Scarf!

I’ve been on holiday, spending time with family and friends. During this time the conversations turn to technology, as it often does when I’m around. I tried to explain what I’ve been doing and describe the people I’ve shared my time … Continue reading

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Part 1: What’s in your PLE?

Within higher educational spaces the ‘how and where’ learning occurs can vary dramatically. In physical learning environments, the places and spaces where you spend time and conduct your teaching and learning may or may not include a private office, current technologies, elements of … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

When you step into the classroom you are not alone. As the teacher, you may feel alone. You may be the only one in the teaching role, but you are not alone. You bring into this teaching and learning space … Continue reading

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