Congress and OTESSA: A conference within a conference

All genuine learning requires of us a constant open approach, a willingness to engage invention and reinvention, so that we might discover those places of radical transparency where knowledge can empower.

bell hooks, 2010, p. 187

Here I am, once again preparing for conference presentations, reflecting on my practice as an open educator and a teacher of teachers. This quote by bell hooks caught my attention as I am reading and reflecting on what to bring into these sessions – as I strive to find my intention and a way to reinvent not only myself but the information, content, spaces, and places where I will present.

This year, the Open/Technology in Education, Society, and Scholarship Association (OTESSA) is holding an inaugural conference, having deferred last year’s conference due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. I honour the struggle this new organization has endured since it began. This conference within a conference is also a worthy endeavour, since it is working to fit something that is inherently open and shared into spaces that are not designed for the fluid and collaborative nature of the folks that make up OTESSA. To this end, my presentation on TETCs is being constructed here in order to bring radical transparency to knowledge construction within this alternative format session. There are many things I might say or could say that are not included in this presentation since it is limited by the time allotted for this session. I’ll provide some after-thoughts within this post.

My Reflection on TETCs and OEPr

OTESSA 2021 Conference Presentation Video

Link to the presentation notes where all references and URL links can be accessed.

Link to some of the images found in this presentation curated in a Flickr album shared as open resources.

Links to interactive elements shared to extend the conversation.

Afterword – thoughts in reflection

One issue that I hinted at in this presentation is the question of defining the term ‘competence’ and how it compares to the conceptions of literacies. I am thinking deeply about the differences and relationship between these concepts as well as how skills and fluencies fit into this concepts. The terms competency and literacy are often used interchangeably. Some clarity comes from reading deeply and as I read, I have curated a draft version of a graphic that looks to analyze the key terms relating to the concepts – skills, fluencies, competencies, and literacies.

From my question at the conclusion of this presentation, I have located an article on A Review of Faculty Development Models that Build Teacher Educators’ Technology Competencies (Parrish & Sadera, 2019) posted in the reference section below.

Brief Reference List (more references are shared in the presentation notes)

Foulger, T.S., Graziano, K.J., Schmidt-Crawford, D.A., Slykhuis, D.A., Change, Y.L., Christensen, R., Dillon, D.R. & Parrish, A. (2020). Invited Panel: Fostering New Research following the Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs): Research from the JTATE Special Issue, Preparing All Teacher Educators to Support Teacher Candidates’ Integration of Technology. In L. Elizabeth Langran (Ed.), Proceedings of SITE – Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2020. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved May 30, 2021 from VIDEO of this presentation is found on YouTube at:

Knezek, G., Christensen, R. & Furuta, T. (2019). Validation of a Teacher Educator Technology Competencies Survey. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 27(4), 465-498. Waynesville, NC USA: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Retrieved May 29, 2021 from

Parrish, A. H., & Sadera, W. A. (2019). A Review of Faculty Development Models that Build Teacher Educators’ Technology Competencies. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 27(4), 437–464.

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