Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 5.19.45 PMFive Flames has been ignited from a long period of feeding a spark. Now the fire has been ignited, it is a matter of keeping the flame lit and fed. I have reflected and read about teaching and learning over a long career in education.

After completing the Masters of Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia, I continue my own learning journey by teaching with technology.

I continue my own teaching journey at the Faculty of Education at a local university. My community, collaborations and conversations extend to those with whom I learn, teach and continue to have relationship in both professional and personal contexts.

My name is Helen J. DeWaard. I extend a warm welcome to all those who come to sit beside the fire and learn together in these focused fireside conversations.

This site will focus on the five flames I consider essential components of any ongoing experience in education – teaching, learning, technology, talking and togetherness. Each element combines into a mesmerizing dance within a dynamic mix of all these components, depending on the nature of the ‘wood’ that feeds the flame – content, context, theory, thoughts or discourse.

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