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Designing learning 101

I’ve been dabbling into the process of design and examined various definitions of design thinking as it applies to education. I’ve dipped into design thinking [see some resources below], participated in a couple of IDEO courses to extend my thinking about … Continue reading

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My FRAMES are changing

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a young girl. The frames that hold the lens in place are updated every few years and, in reflection, are a time capsule through the trends in eyewear over the years. As I … Continue reading

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Counting on Content

My rhizomatic thoughts have twisted and turned in multiple directions in the past two weeks. Sometimes, skimming the surface and gazing fancifully at the sky. Other times, they have gone deep into ideas, burrowing down into the dark, with no … Continue reading

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It’s a Matter of Perspective

alternate title – Things I Know For Sure I know that seeing things from both sides of an argument can help change your own views on things. Just take that whole dress discussion! First of all, why? Secondly, WHY? As … Continue reading

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