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Designing learning 101

I’ve been dabbling into the process of design and examined various definitions of design thinking as it applies to education. I’ve dipped into design thinking [see some resources below], participated in a couple of IDEO courses to extend my thinking about … Continue reading

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Hospitality revisited

I’m coming back around to a topic that I’ve explored earlier (You are Welcome). Ideas are still trickling through my thoughts as I work on design and construction of online learning spaces. It’s about hospitality. Not just the type of … Continue reading

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From Squirrels to Rhizomes: An intro to #rhizo15

There’s a humorous statement that’s made around here that when you get sidetracked from something, you say “squirrel”. It’s reminiscent of what happens to dogs when they are out for a walk. Every squirrel catches their attention. Movement of a … Continue reading

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