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Analogy for ‘Learning’

This is a post for the Ontario Extend ‘take it to the bank’ activity ‘So Misunderstood‘ in the Teacher for Learning module. It’s a dip into understanding prior knowledge and how it can impede or enhance student understanding. One of … Continue reading

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How do I teach? It’s complicated, complex, & a work of friction!

Teaching students, who are becoming teachers, how to teach is complicated AND complex. There’s no simple solution. There’s no set of guides or magic method that works for everyone, all the time. To define a framework or establish a process is incredibly … Continue reading

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Beyond Effectiveness: the Zen of Flow and #MagicofPage18

Twitter chats are fast and confusing. They flow around questions and sometimes connect ideas.  That’s what happened last night when the topic focused on ‘what do we mean by learning?’.  Participants sometimes bounce ideas into the flow of the diverse collections of conversations. It’s only … Continue reading

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A Post Rhizo Post – What’s Next?

It’s funny how something gets into your head and keeps moving through your thoughts. Sometimes it’s a good think – one that confirms and encourages. Other times, it’s insidious thinking that shakes your confidence.  Sometimes it’s like the Lambchop song, the … Continue reading

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Part 2: Who’s in your PLN?

So, who are the people that shape, influence and share your interests? Who are the movers and shakers of your thinking? Your PLN may be shaped by the tools you use within your PLE. When building and maintaining connections you … Continue reading

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