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CC Certification – use and create

In Unit 4 of the Creative Commons Certification course, topics include using CC licensed works, choosing and applying a CC license, considerations after selecting a CC license, and remixing CC licensed works. Each section extends my understanding of what it … Continue reading

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My Media – participatory wandering

My media meanderings start and end with my teaching. By teaching something to others, I feel compelled to explore and learn more about it first. So it is with my media and digital literacy work. This week I’m exploring participatory … Continue reading

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Digital Learning Horoscope

I recently came across the Digital Learning Horoscope. It’s a survey for teachers to take as a reflective tool about their beliefs and commitment to teaching with and about¬†digital and media literacy, and popular culture. This comes from the work … Continue reading

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ME in MEdia

I’m still new at this. My adventures after I ‘Awaken the Dragon‘ now leave me very visible and present in social media spaces. ¬†I need to carefully examine where that leaves ME. I’m not sure how my media creations look … Continue reading

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