Conversations, Discussions, Dialogue, Discourse and all things to TALK about.

Differentiation – video clip from ASCD relevant to talking about differentiation in professional development sessions. (

Game based learning – lets talk about the vision of education as shared by Bill Gates in this article – 

Innovations in education: How about this teacher from the Bronx who creates an environment for learning with his passion and commitment to his students and his community. (

We take for granted or make assumptions any time we incorporate teaching, learning and technology into educational contexts. These assumptions are our best guess as we plan to apply a particular digital device or technique into the learning lesson. These can either help or hinder our planning and delivery of lessons using digital or technological tools.

Here’s a short video clip to view: Digitally Speaking by Erik Palmer

Take time to think about the message being shared. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Is it a valid opinion? If so, why? What experience can you bring to this conversation?

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