Collaborations in Ontario Extend

How do I explain this Ontario Extend – Extend East collaboration?

I’m going to try since this week’s module is about collaboration.

  • It’s like a club, but there’s no physical clubhouse, and everyone’s welcome to join in!
  • It’s a group of people who hang out together, but we’re never in the same place at the same time, just finding each other on blogs and twitter, liking or commenting as we pass in the hallways of these open spaces.
  • It’s like a party, but the bling and jokes are all shared virtually (and when Terry’s around, there will be jokes!). There’s even got a shared playlist on Spotify!

  • It’s like a workplace, where there’s stuff that has to get done, but there aren’t any due dates or timelines (unless you count the one for #oext125) to make sure you’re working on stuff.
  • It’s like a project where you’re working with others, you get to see what they’re doing, and you’re all building something together, but no one’s got any idea what it’s going to look like because it’ll be different for everyone.
  • It’s like a course that you start and quickly realize it’s more work than you thought, but you’re too busy having fun, reading, writing and thinking, that you forget to fill in the ‘I want to drop this course‘ form, even if there isn’t one!

So what is it, really?

  • It’s the best collaboration space to learn and engage in conversations about higher education teaching and learning with those in Ontario higher education spaces.
  • It’s a sandbox in which to play, build, watch, listen, learn, join in, talk to others, figure things out, get messy and just have fun.
  • It’s a chance to learn about, and use, social media tools to share ideas, practices, past experiences, future planning and current contexts.
  • It’s a clubhouse that has no walls – you’ll hear diverse voices since many others are pulled into the conversations from other global higher ed contexts.
  • It’s a chance to say “I think I’ll try that” and knowing there are others around who are there to help every step of the way. You just need to be brave enough to say “I need a little help here!
  • It’s a daily obsession, if you chose to engage,  with a new ‘daily extend‘ shared on Twitter. It’s something quick and easy to dip in and try, share with others who are also trying, and learning while it’s getting done.
  • It’s a blog of your own, or an activity that you’ve just got to share – it’s a chance for others to learn from your experience and expertise [Extend East blog roll where you can see them as they get written].
  • It’s a focus for your thinking – modules that change every week – with ‘general guidelines’ of what and where to contribute.
  • It’s an opportunity to talk to others outside of your ‘silos of work’ or ‘spheres of influence’ – to realize there are people who talk the same language and engage in deeper conversations about topics that are important to you.
  • It’s a chance to explore, experiment and just push your learning …. and know there are others there with you.

If you haven’t checked it out, take a closer look or tweet to anyone using #oextend or #ExtendEast and tag @OntarioExtend in this collaboration.

If you want to figure it out – don’t stop. What’s holding you back? Let’s COLLABORATE!

The table is set! Appetizers are ready! The rabbit hole awaits! Don’t wait for dessert!

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5 Responses to Collaborations in Ontario Extend

  1. Terry Greene says:

    This post had me a-smiling! Thanks for this, Helen!

  2. lynncartan says:

    What a great post, Helen! You’ve captured so many of the amazing aspects of Ontario Extend. So glad I get to hang out at the virtual clubhouse with you and so many other diverse, entertaining, passionate people. And thanks so much for including me in your meal!

    • HJ.DeWaard says:

      Love that our random conversations are build a stronger connection between us. It’s going to be a feast of learning as we dig into this Ontario extend experience!

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