Extending into the Open #oextend

Getting started with Ontario Extend is one way to extend my thinking and extend my engagement into digital spaces that are new and interesting. Contributions to the Daily Extend, into the collection of resources in the Activity Bank and capturing the blog sites of others in the community using Domain of One’s Own will be the passion to drive extensions of my learning. At the end of this morning’s workshop, I’m exiting with new connections, new interests and opportunities to add purpose to my passions. I’m excited that this will energize my blogging. I’m extending my blog into the Ontario Extend ecosphere and hoping to learn from the work of others in this space over the next few months.

manuel-meurisse-350263-unsplashAs an exit ticket, I’m paying attention to the prompt: “Use words and pictures that paint the picture of the future of a world with you in it” and sharing an OPEN INVITATION to sit down, have a chat and share your thoughts as we start extending our steps into the OPEN together.

Check other Extend activities using  @OntarioExtend on Twitter and the activity bank link found here: Exit Through the Workshop – Ontario Extend Activity Bank

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