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Curate Your ‘Self’

I’ve written about curation before in The Web We Weave – Curation in Action and Curation – a call to action – I’ll return to these blog posts, as suggested by Alan Levine in Blog Posts As Old Concrete Slabs or Alive in the Cracks In Between?, … Continue reading

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The Web We Weave – Curation in Action

Teachers are collectors. They collect and weave resources together in all kinds of ways. As part of planning lessons, building units, and designing courses, teachers collect and store stuff for ‘some day’. It used to be done with file folders … Continue reading

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Do IT to Learn IT

 Coming back to blogging for my own professional purposes is not easy. Within the walls of the classroom, putting my teaching ‘out there’ for my students to participate and engage with content and activities is easy. Take away the walls … Continue reading

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