Ending and Starting

It’s been a long process to get to this ending. Even before I reached the end, I realized it was only starting again. What is it, you might ask? No, not a marathon, or even a good book. It is my digital journey in the MET program at the University of British Columbia. It is the task of completing an electronic portfolio. This e-portfolio was one long process within the MET course offering – it is a collection, reflection and culminating project. I have finished…. only to realize that finishing is only the beginning. This e-portfolio is an ongoing, ever-evolving document that will shape, share and support my digital presence. It will showcase all I have accomplished over many years of study. Ending and starting, revealed in an online website, revealing my inner thoughts and actions in educational technology. As my journey through the MET program is ending, other projects and digital creations are beginning. Here is the link to ‘My Renovations’ – a story about how my personal learning and professional practices have been renovated through this active learning process.

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