Echoes of ECOO

What is an echo? “An echo (plural echoes) is a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound.” (Wikipedia).  The direct sounds of the ECOO conference have passed. Now it’s time to listen to those echoes. In the world of educational technology, continued conversations are important. Keeping the focus alive and actively working on new areas of interest is a challenge after the ECOO conference experience is a distant memory. Day to day events take over and the exciting technology introduced or experienced at the conference is put on the ‘to do later’ list.

Today is the day to listen to the ECHO from the ECOO conference. The voice that says ‘remember’ – what John Seely Brown talked about…., what Nora Young shared….., what you picked up and said you would get to right away? Today is the day I will listen to that voice and return to the ECOO site and Lanyard site. Time to take a look at some of the presentation documents provided by presenters that I did not get to see at the conference. There is a wealth of resources to explore. Today, I’ll take some time to continue my ECOO learning.

Having my voice echo to others in educational technology continues to change me. Many voices sharing many thoughts. Twitter has become part of the ongoing echo for me. I’ve never focused on this technology before, but since ECOO, it has become part of my daily routine (Thanks Louise! @Robitaille2011). The echoes come to me (and are sent out from me) automatically now. One twitter link landed me on this blog post that changed my thinking about the place for twitter for teachers. Continuous PD for me!

Finding a link to my ECCO blog post on someone else’s blog is another exciting echo from ECOO. My voice has an echo for others to hear. Here’s one:

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  1. dougpete says:

    Thanks for finding your voice! It was great to know that connections like this abound on the web.

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