ECOO …. Oh WoW!

The ECOO conference was two days of intensive tinkering, talking and thinking about educational technology. It was a chance for me to connect and reconnect with passionate educators involved in teaching, learning, tinkering and activating in education. Hearing inspirational speakers like John Seely Brown, Michael Fullan, Nora Young and Jamie Casap provide new ideas to spark.

Sitting with others in sessions, with coffee, during lunch and at the social all felt like joining together at the technology fireside. Bringing ideas together, having time to talk together and focusing on technology all fit into my personal vision of how good learning happens. ECOO was good learning.

Thanks to all who organized, kept the tech running and kept everything comfortable for all who attended! I’ll write further about the inspirational ideas and connections in the coming posts. Stay Tuned!

Interesting Links to begin:

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