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The ‘Distributed Play-Doh’ Effect

I’ve been taking some time to look back to look forward. This is important to do from time to time. While watching the recording of the final Google Hangout held for the #MOOCMOOC from Hybrid Pedagogy, the idea of ‘distributed play-doh’ was … Continue reading

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It’s a Matter of Perspective

alternate title – Things I Know For Sure I know that seeing things from both sides of an argument can help change your own views on things. Just take that whole dress discussion! First of all, why? Secondly, WHY? As … Continue reading

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What are my options?

Agency is about taking control of my own learning. Agency in teaching includes making the right options available for my students. Designing spaces that meet the needs of all students means that universal design for learning principles (UDL) need to be … Continue reading

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My Voice and My Choice

My voice represents me.  When I record my voice and listen to the audio file, I am given an alternative view of my-self. How I sound to others is not always the way I think I sound. Over the past few weeks … Continue reading

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My personalized learning

My personal journey into the ‘MOOC’osphere and personalized learning happened in two ways at once. I’m participating in a free, online course offered through ISTE and also participating in an online book club where we are reading and discussing Personalized learning: A … Continue reading

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Registration not required!

When passionate learners gather together, registration is not required. Participation and interest are essential. A commitment to self-renewal is critical. But registration is not required – just drop-in and learn.  #moocmooc and ‘the hole in the wall‘ are examples. Casual learning, as … Continue reading

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Agent of change in six feet of snow!

Listen to a recording of this blog post as you read. It’s difficult to be an anarchist in six feet of snow! As I shovelled and wrangled with the snowblower this past weekend I thought I’d be a bit anarchistic … Continue reading

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Agency – Give or Take?

Alternate title: Sit long, listen hard, talk lots! The ownership and authorship of agency was a challenge for me this past week. It has caused me to read and reflect, reread and revisit readings.  I lurked and listened in digital … Continue reading

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