P3: It’s more than a podcast!

This past week has been a P3 kind of adventure. And it’s not over.

It’s important to take time to pause, reflect and consider the impact of events as you move forward. It’s moments of reflections that shift and reframe your next steps. Checking the rearview mirror as you head on down the highway towards the next place and space can be helpful.

It’s a necessary stopping point before I head off to the Netherlands to attend the OEConsortium OEGlobal Conference in Delft, and after experiencing the Creative Commons Global Summit, as well as sharing conversations through Virtually Connecting with folks attending the #OER18 conference in Bristol, UK. This is a moment to reframe and reflect.

But this pause isn’t a reflection of these events. It’s about something more personal.

This past week I’ve shared parts of my story in three spaces. Each story focuses on elements of my ‘self’ that I would not have shared otherwise – what I know about education (thanks Ramona Meharg), what brings me into the Creative Commons (Humans of the Commons), and how music, specifically three selected songs, metaphorically represent my life (thanks Noa Daniels). These three podcasts, my personal P3, explore my personal story and my professional roles. These P3 examine places where potential and possibilities abound, and where personal connections and networking are promoted. Since some of these podcast recordings are not yet released, there is patience in the waiting. More P’s than I can alliterate!

The selection of these songs required some deep reflection, specifically which songs meant something to me, resonated on more levels than mere enjoyment. I reflected on the impact of those songs and how they share something about my identity. Not an easy task. Try it! Pick songs that reveal your past (nostalgia) or uncover your identity (who you are and what’s meaningful to you). Then listen to each song a few times to let the lyrics and melody sink into your psyche. You’ll come up with lots of connections from the riffs that resonate and words that make you stop and think.

I’m going to take some time to listen and learn – there’s lots to hear when your voice echoes back to you. Thanks Noa Daniels, Ramona Meharg and the Humans of the Commons project for opportunities for reflection.

I’m posting links to Ramona Meharg’s podcast I Wish I Knew EDU and to Noa Daniel’s Personal Playlist Podcast so you can check out all the other great reflections in conversation.

Here’s the Humans of the Commons recording. There are many more human stories in this podcast lineup.


Where and when will you bring your reluctant voice into the conversation? Which personal podcast space will you share your story? There’s many in the VoicEd Canada podcast lineup. Pick one. Reach out and let someone know you’re ready to reflect.


Attribution of feature image photo by Gritte on Unsplash

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