Work of a different kind!

My last post was about having some fun. Well it’s been nothing but work since that last post. But, it’s been work of a different kind. I’ve tackled some design and development of open, online course materials for a few classes I’m teaching. It’s been hard work planning and developing the right materials, the right connections, the links for learning that I hope will engage students in content and technology. But more on that later…..

Now, the work takes on a new twist. An ETMOOC twist. I signed up and have ‘lurked’ through the first few weeks. Today, I listened to the archived session by Dave Cormier on Rhizomatic Learning. Interesting analogy from a connectivist perspective. Beyond the obvious connotations of being ‘underground’, ‘subversive’, and ‘difficult to exterminate’ are the hopeful images of ‘in-it-together’, ‘connected to many others’ and ‘able to grow alone & together’. This also applies to ideas and learning. They are all connected in a chain of ‘nodes’ from the beginning of my time, and the time of others before me. My passionate use of mind-mapping also comes to the forefront when thinking about rhizomes. Some mind-mapping tools are more ‘rhizome-like’ than others, but they connect ideas and concepts in the same manner as this image suggests.

Cynefin model

Cynefin Model

I found some rooted relationships to ideas I’ve had about uncertainty, complexity, chaos and how to teach, learn and engage in a community of connected ‘work’ around curriculum. The image from “Cynefin” provided the feeling and link that I was looking for. My sense of teaching and learning ranges from the simple, through complications that are at times complex and chaotic. I’ve not really thought of this as a progression or stages that teaching and/or learning move through or connect to. This image has provided a new model for my own thinking and potentially my teaching practice. A new node on my personal learning network – mostly underground!

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