An Ethos of Care (#OER20 Conference Presentation)

Caring is a sustained emotional investment in an individual’s well-being, characterized by a desire to take actions that will benefit that person.” Weiner & Auster (2007)

This is our open, online presentation for the OER20 Conference that was scheduled for April 1-2 in London, England. As a result of current global crises in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference has gone fully online with both in-time sessions and pre-recordings of presentations. While this session is not how we envisioned our conference sharing, this story is one we feel strongly about sharing. Here we share our actions in caring through our cross-cultural mentoring experiences as a result of the Open Education for a Better World project promoted by UNESCO.

Here is our session presentation.

Please connect with us. We can be found on Twitter @hj_dewaard and @rekha_chavhan. Reach out to us on Twitter if you’re interesting in hearing more about this mentoring experience or about this presentation.

If you would like to know more about the OE4BW project, take a look at their website information at

The graphic image created for this presentation is a summary of research from several of the references listed below.

An ethos of care in mentoring, created by HJ.DeWaard, CC-BY


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