CC Cert – Week 1

creative-commons-785334_1280I’ve begun work on the Creative Commons Certification course, so will post my work and reflections here. This is a personal passion for me, as it should be in my global, sharing culture. This first week was a review of the Creative Commons movement and licensing system, much of which I’ve previously read or knew. There were some videos that caught my attention, which I’ll post here. The assignment for this week included creating a video or slide show about key events in the creation of Creative Commons. This information helps frame the rest of the course and builds my understanding of the context for the licensing system.

Listening to Larry Lessig also provided some insights into the historical context for the Commons.

After completing this module, I created a slide show in Buncee (something I’ve not used before and wanted to try). Here is the presentation.

On to week two – all about copyright.

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