Combining Strategies for #oextend

This is a response for the Ontario Extend module Teacher for Learning, specifically the Organize Knowledge section which outlines the purpose of providing students with better opportunities for note taking.

When I first saw the Cornell notes I had a deep reaction of distaste, probably from the memories of note-taking from lectures, rewriting book chapters while reading texts and then re-reading all those notes in preparing for tests and exams. This is still necessary in many subject areas where information recall is an essential part of the learning process.

After reviewing a few videos to learn more, and taking a look at variations of Cornell note templates, I decided to give it a try. I’m reading a text that I feel has particular importance for me so I’ve been sketch noting the chapters to visualize the content. My note taking practice now includes graphic images and icons. Then the video below caught my attention and I was convinced. Combining these two strategies may be just the  knowledge organization technique to make remembering meaningful and note taking less tedious.

Here is my combined sketch note and Cornell notes about this video.


Here is a sample of one sketch note from one chapter of the book I’ve been reading.

Functional Art Chapter 3 v1

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  1. @giuliaforsythe says:

    I’m so glad you tried the activity despite having such hesitations to begin with! Your cornel note is so meta and very visually stimulating. I love your sketchnote!

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