Conductive Threads: A #CLMOOC #DailyConnect


Conductive Threads

My conductive thread this week connected Virtually Connecting from the Digital Pedagogy Lab in Prince Edward Island to the CLMOOC community. I wasn’t the only one weaving these threads together. There were others weaving with me. It created a colourful intertwining of ideas and conversations about digital teaching and learning. Today, I’m formally anchoring these two groups together and linking through  my work in digital spaces over the past few days.

First CLMOOC – meet Virtually Connecting (@VConnecting). Their presence at DigPed PEI has brought me here to our shared space. I’d like you both to know what it means to be connected in relationships and deeply passionate conversations (with lots of laughter involved). Here’s one of many conversations we’ve had this week that will shift and shape your thinking about going digital with students and colleagues.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.51.28 PM

Image created during CLMOOC Make With Me Hangout

Virtually Connecting – meet CLMOOC. I’m happy to connect you together because of the playful, fun, creative, amazingly diverse group of people that have come together, and will continue to share digital space and time together over the next four weeks, and into the coming year. There are many Virtual Connecting people who have and are participating in the @CLMOOC experience so I’m not the only one making this connection. #CLMOOC voices are sharing and making connections that will transform the way I teach and how I engage students in the digital spaces in which we tinker and play.

14442561574_49812a5fd3_mHappy to be a conductive thread today. Planting some seeds of connection. Go on. Get to know each other. Talk amongst yourselves. You have lots in common (you both talked about Pokemon Go this week)! I know you’ll continue to share and play nicely together.

Please comment if you weave together in some way – I’d love to see the threads that bind and bring us together.

Photo Credits

Threads: flickr photo by zimpenfish shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Seeds and threads: flickr photo by *Psyche Delia* shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

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4 Responses to Conductive Threads: A #CLMOOC #DailyConnect

  1. susanvg says:

    The notion of each of us as a conductive thread resonated with me. I’ve been playing with conductive thread and circuits and lighting up LEDs. As we reach out our “conductive threads” light ideas, sometimes in parallel, sometimes in serial – analogies help us visualize. Thanks.

    • HJ.DeWaard says:

      Reminds me of all the led and conductive threads being woven into wearable tech. Parallel and serial are great ways to think about virtual conversations too! Thanks for commenting. ~ Helen

  2. dogtrax says:

    I love when communities/networks collide like this .. thanks for being the thread that wove it together

    • HJ.DeWaard says:

      It’s just so reaffirming to know there’s a whole cloth weaving and being woven around me that supports where and how I share my ‘colours’. ~ Helen

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