Making it work

So often it just doesn’t work! There’s always some glitch, some little thing that just won’t go the way you thought. Tech can be funny that way. If you approach your making or tinkering with any new app, tech or task with the notion that something certainly will not work out, then frustrations can be minimized. Finding your way through, tapping into your support network and connecting when you get stuck are great ways to keep a project on track. But your mindset is a key factor. Making it work doesn’t come with a ‘that’s easy’ button. Trying, making mistakes, redoing your work, editing, scrap-it and start over are all valuable options when you can’t make it work. The one thing you need to remember when tinkering, toying or learning with technology is that making it work is what’s it about.

So, making it work means trying new things. Here’s my latest ‘making it work’ exploration. Memes and creative posters are enjoyable – there’s inspiration and wisdom nestled within, something that prompts thinking or makes you chuckle. My first make for the CLMOOC experience was done in imgflip. The image was chosen when I noticed on the CLMOOC location map that there were no Canadians pinned on the map yet. This was my nod to my Canadian context!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.31.59 AM

Then I created a gif from a short video clip and added a title since ‘that’s easy’ came to mind. Not sure if this button is found in global contexts but it was a big thing here.n2v60

Technology is not always easy, but that’s ok. It’s a matter of being comfortable in perpetual beta. It’s knowing when to take a break or taking time to connect to others who are working through similar tasks, challenges, or experiences. That’s how learning becomes connected. That’s how to make it work.

Which technologies are easy?

What tools or apps have challenged your ‘make it work’ attitude?

Where do you find your supports to ‘make it work’?

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2 Responses to Making it work

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  2. lisamnoble says:

    just reading your post made me stress level go up a little. About to dive into #clmooc, and know that I’m going to have some head-desk moments, but that it will be worth it, both because it helps me understand the frustrations of my colleagues and students, and because it gives me new ideas for my own learning journey. I remember a moment during my #plp learning experience, when a co-learner had asked for people to contribute to a Google Slide deck. In order to do that, I had to change my browser (I was at work), figure out the tasks, and switch the browser back to continue with my day. yikes! These days, I often ask one of my sons to take a look at a perplexing task with me.

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