Find your way through!

Learning never ends. Though Rhizo15 as a course will have an end, the connections, collaborations and learning will continue. At the end of this Rhizo15 learning process we come together with a celebration, sharing, and reflection on the experiences over time, both alone and together.

Looking back at the variety of artefacts collected and the repositories of information helps learners make connections, make sense or go deeper. Taking a slow walk through the Rhizo15 gardens takes time (since they are located in a variety of social media locations such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, blogs, blog comments, media collections). Creating a compilation video can help individual learners, and those who view the collection, review and remember (thanks Sarah for your inspiration) . This allows some to go back, take a closer look, and reflect deeply, before moving on.

Rhizo15 has kept my mind in full ’tilt-a-whirl’ mode for the past six weeks, even when my hands and feet were engaged in other activities. Moments of apparent calm left space for my thinking to mull over ideas, build connections to readings, and go deeper into wondering. This has been a gift given to myself despite the challenges and confusion. There have been many unique moments and elements shared by others throughout this course but the song produced at the beginning was something that I returned to, listened to, contemplated with – and will remain my anthem of Rhizo15. This became the basis for my reflections today. Here is the video production that is a random collection of items to bounce into your thoughts. There is still so much to learn and many more roots, shoots and rhizomes to experience.

I will continue to gather the fruits of learning labour and compile my own collection of artefacts for future reference. This can be found here

Rhizo – on!

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4 Responses to Find your way through!

  1. sensor63 says:

    I loved your video and hearing the song. Thank you. Makes me want to start, continue all over again 🙂

  2. I love, love, love this Helen. Also – I’d forgotten that I created Dave Lightyear 🙂

    • HJ.DeWaard says:

      Too many great images to choose from – would take more time, but I had collected some along the way so it was easier. The song just kept it all together for me.

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