Getting out of the cold

fire in snow

Fireside in the Snow

It’s been a little chilly around here lately. This long, white winter has gotten to me! My mind has slowed down and turned introspective. It’s cold in my head! It’s a little bit like frostbite of the synapses. Nowhere to go except to the fireside to warm up.

As I read and reflect on digital literacy, teaching with technology, learning in digital spaces and all things, my mind sluggishly restarts.  Maybe this is how it should be – taking time to do a ‘slow-think’.  Just sitting beside the fire with others in digital spaces. Doing the methodical navel-gazing that comes from sitting watching the flames.

My unhurried meandering mind connects to words written by Sean Morris.  “The wise teacher will reflect before adopting and implementing” and “its innovation by reflection. Moving forward by standing still”.  So, sitting here warming up is one way of innovating. I’m happy here by the fire – moving forward by sitting still. My way of getting out of the cold!

fireside 2Howard Rheingold, in Net Smart, encourages my fireside contemplation to cultivate an “ongoing inner inquiry” since it “could produce a more thoughtful society”. I’m all for that! Come sit by this fire. Let’s continue to reflect when publishing web pages, posting to blogs, commenting to blog posts and tweeting out links. Let’s get out of the cold, together.

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