Beware! MOOC spotted!

I have investigated and examined this ‘animal’ from a few sides now. It’s an interesting visualization I have developed about what this ‘creature’ looks like, sounds like and feels like. But unless you get into the environment and experience the animal first hand, it’s just a picture in your head. Today, I stepped into the environment of a MOOC.

For those who’ve never heard of this unique creation, here’s a video to get you familiar with this new and interesting ‘beast’. With my familiarity with online learning through my MET at UBC experiences, I thought this might be in the same classification. At first glance, it’s larger than an elephant and comes at you faster than a cheetah! Not quite the same thing at all! I’ll have to experience more before I categorically state it’s worth spending time with this breed of fast developing herd of learning experiences.

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