OLN MOOC on personalized learning

Iimage of book cover began this personalized learning journey after some serendipitous events led me to the ISTE Personalized Learning course. I joined a book club to read and discuss Personalized learning: A guide for engaging students with technology by Peggy Grant and Dale Basye. The book club led me to register for the open, online course (MOOC). This course was an opportunity to share with many others around the world. It was an extensive global network of personalized learners, as the map shows: //www.zeemaps.com/pub?group=1324075&nopdf=1

My participation and learning included some of the following elements:

  • introduction and commenting on other’s introductions
  • posting resources to #OLNMOOC on twitter
  • Week 2 sharing thoughts about personalized learning in a blog post and discussion forum entry, responding to discussion submissions from other’s in the group
  • readings, viewing videos, more readings, webinars, etc. (see the references at the bottom of this page)


Robinson, K.

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