Here lies all things MOOC. Sharing and debating this topic will continue for some time, particularly since it is the ‘free elephant’ in the room (classroom!).

Tony Bates presents some thoughts in his LATEST blog post.

Further insights and impacts of offering MOOCs is presented in this blog post:

ETMOOC – January, 2013.

I’ve been learning while lurking through the opening rounds of this MOOC. The recently posted presentation about Rhizomatic Learning, presented by Dave Cormier has brought some new insights to the forefront. By listening and keeping my ‘mind on’ the topic, then taking it a step further with some followup reflection, I can bring forward some thoughts about learning together. The nature of rhizomes is that they don’t every grow alone, they are linked to the other’s in a chaining network of connectedness. Some ends may lie dormant, others grow vigorously, others continue to stretch out until they are ready to grow. It’s an interesting analogy for teachers to tackle when thinking about their classrooms and how/what they teach.

The conversation extended into complexity, chaos, uncertainty and responsibility for learning. Then, at the very end of the session, some important links to connect to other topics were ‘dropped’ on the screen. There was the ‘togetherness’ that mades it all ‘come together’ for me. It’s not about my place in the rhizome, it’s about my connection to all others in the connected, rooted environment we call education. It’s a global rhizomatic experience….. for those linked together in the educational underground!

The links shared at the end of the session:

1. Students Redefine School

2. Vision – a series of video clips about a vision for learning

From here you can link to others in the series:





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